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Founded in 2019 by Corey Polyoka, Fern Holler continues to build off 15 years of hospitality experience.  Building and running numerous businesses in the Mid-Atlantic with his partners, Corey has overseen dreaming, concepting, financing, deal making, development, operations, closures and successful exits. 

Currently Fern Holler maintains it's role as a partner in Sandlot, provides creative & problem solving advice to peers and is developing new, independent projects focused on built environments with minimal environmental impact.

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Family Business

Fern Holler Team

Corey 3.jpg

Corey Polyoka


Corey started Fern Holler as a platform to develop and build new ideas in hospitality adjacent fields, assist others with structuring their business ambitions and developing Beacon.  He currently balances this work with being a husband and father of four.


Jackie Beal

Partner and Amazing Wife

Jackie met Corey at Woodberry Kitchen, they have been together since the beginning and with her design skills, compassion and focus on the family they're building Fern Holler together this time.

The Pile.jpg

The Pile

Michaela, Cooper, Jake & Graham

Our future has always been our kids, and we got four!  MK, Coop and the twins are always along for the ride and test all our ideas.  From Sandlot to cabins, these kids are the reason why.

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