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Developing Environments

Future projects currently in creation and development.

Building upon foundational experience, these projects are new extensions of regional sourcing or adjacent opportunities worth exploring with the same mindset & approach.


DP Dough Towson

Spring Semester 2021

We've always wanted a spot in a college town spot and have fond memories of DP Dough from our college days.  Jackie loved College Park and Corey, Morgantown.

We've signed a lease at 17W Pennsylvania Ave for the first of four DP Dough's we are going to build in Maryland.  Construction starts in Feb. 2021, opening beginning of April. 


This location has some pretty cool plans.  The space is built out of renewable lumber, recycled denim, plant based acoustic tiles, concrete and features a light wall synced to our nighty playlist. 

Operationally, we will be delivering with eBikes, hiring local college staff, running around in joggers and selling lots of late night calzones.

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DP Dough Towson

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